PFS Fire and Security are one of the East Midlands leading security system installers with over 20 years experience we can meet all your security cctv requirements. we have a wide range of cctv products from basic anologe systems to more modem smart phone viewing systems. 
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Why is cctv important / benefits of CCTV systems

CCTV cameras are generally used to reduce or prevent crime for at least one of the following reasons:

•    Prevention
Whenever would-be thieves and burglars see the camera, they make a decision that a particular shop in question is too much of a threat and consequently not the right target.

•    Prosecution
Shoplifters and thieves may be caught on the camera, and this can help to capture and charge them.

•    Fear reduction
If everybody sees that there exists a camera in place, they might feel safer in or around your business, thereby avoiding possible criminals from offending.


PFS offers  24hr monitored system’s with
mobile App integration.


For any high-risk area where lighting is minimal, thermal CCTV camera arms you with a powerful solution to recognize the presence of  humans,vehicles and wild life keeping your premises secure. PFS have installed thermal imaging cameras for Nottingham Trent university to monitor the peregrine falcons allowing research information to be collected with out disturbing there nest during mating.

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PFS Fire & Security  have a wide range of CCTV systems from standard analog to more up today IP and TVI cameras .We design install and maintain CCTV systems that don’t just meet your requirements by meet your budget too . why not give us a call today? Free Phone : 0800 195 20 47 


Automatic Number Plate Recognition is a very useful tool some of the applications in can be used in are :

  • Parking Management
  • Access Control
  •  Traffic Enforcement
  • Security
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Enforcement

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