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Security Tips

Around the Home
Cleaning carpets, checking light bulbs, maybe a fresh lick of paint, it’s all part of the traditional agenda for our big spring clean. These are the ‘not every day’ jobs that can sometimes fall on the back burner in day to day life, and are perhaps left a little longer than we would like during busy periods.

One of these jobs which is crucial to keeping your home and family safe is replacing the batteries in your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms. Make sure that you add it to your list of things to do this spring, and make a habit of checking them once a week to make sure that they’re working. It could save your life.

Another good thing to add to your list is to check that entry points to your home are still properly secure. Maybe you never got around to replacing the locks after a key went missing, or maybe winter weather has left windows looking a little worse for ware. Whatever it is, now is a great time to do something about it; double check that the locks that you’re using are sufficient and replace them if necessary.

In the Garden
For many of us, gardening is the best part of spring. The weather is finally getting better, and we’re able to head out into the garden for some fresh air and exercise. Sprucing up your grounds can be very rewarding, too, and can have a big impact on the aesthetic of your home. But, have you thought about how any changes might affect your home security?

Even small changes to the outside can dramatically impact the security of your home. For example, if you have a path or paved area in your garden, opting for a gravel covering instead of cobbles or slabs will help to deter unwanted visitors because it is a more noisy surface, making it much more difficult for someone to approach your property without being detected.

Fencing and hedges can also play a large role in the security of your home. However, this does not necessarily mean that a higher perimeter is better; the best security is from a perimeter that is low enough for neighbours and passers-by to see over, but isn’t so low that it would be very easy to climb. Having a fence or hedge that is too high would mean that any successful intruders would be hidden from the view of passers by, who would potentially spot suspicious activity and alert the police. However, having a boundary that is too low would make it very easy to climb, offering little to no security at all. The best bet is to try to ensure that any fences or hedges are kept at a medium height.

If you’re thinking of adding lighting features to your garden, this is also something that could very much improve your home security. External Lighting helps to remove the cover of darkness that many unwanted visitors depend on for gaining entry, making it a great addition to any garden for both aesthetic and security purposes.

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